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Sure, we’ll spend 45 minutes looking for your “lost” ID.

So, I’m a manager a the gym on my college campus. We have lots of issues with non-members trying to sneak in, usually to play basketball. So, yesterday the staff member at the front desk called me over the radio and let me know that some guy had used an ID that was not his to access the facility. So, I walked downstairs and found him on the basketball court. I will be ‘me’ and he will be ‘BG’ for basketball guy.

Me: *smiles* Hey, could I see your ID please?
BG: Oh, uhh sure.

So we walked over to the bleachers where he claims he left the ID.

BG: Oh man I think it was stolen!

I knew he was lying, but I thought it would be more fun to play along, so we spent the next 45 minutes checking cameras and searching for his “lost” ID. He continued telling me “Oh, it’s okay I’ll just buy a new one.” but I let him know that I didn’t mind helping him look.

Eventually, I went to my computer and pulled up the account that he had checked his basketball out on. I then asked for his name and phone number, so that I could call him if I found his ID. He proceeds to give me his real name.

Me: Alright, now why did you sign in upstairs with someone else’s card?

BG: *Deer in headlights look* Oh well, uhm I lost my real ID.

Me: Oh uh huh I’m sure. Here, let me walk you out.

Wasted about an hour of my shift which was nice.

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